Naushad Ansari

Mujahid Khan: Jr. Graphics Designer Cum Office Assistant
November 26, 2018

Naushad Ansari
Sr. Graphics Designer Cum Creative Director
Possibly one of the best designers of Indore, Naushad, after joining ACUMEN realized that he had such a great scope of exploring his creativity. A professional since 1999-2K. Naushad has a plethora of experience to share, when it comes to negotiation, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. This guy can teach, as much as he can learn from you. Now that is a quality not everyone has. He is the head designer at Acumen Creations, but he thinks it is the work and not the position that matters. One of the most dynamic mavericks of Indore, Naushad has always had the capabilities to do the impossible.

He has always had a craving for doing but the special and the new in market, for he knows that it is the only way he can quench his thirst for innovation. Within his career that stretches over 15 years, Naushad has had a variety in his bouquet of experiences starting from marketing for a Education, Real Estate, Automobile, Medical / Pharmaceutical organization, to selling submersible pumps and then to his forte, Public Relations. Not to mention that he was the one to introduce Indore to this field of PR. After getting grads in Science, he realized that his true air belonged to the people and not to the laboratories. Soon enough he made a debut in sales and marketing. And the rest is history.

B.Sc., DCA, with Multi-lingual Graphics Designing Since 1996-97 Starting Carrier.

Our Services:-
1. Micro Virgo Services, Indore.
2. Blue-gum Computer, Indore.
3. Mangalam Graphics, Indore.

4 Network Advertising, Indore.
5. Ankit Advertising, Indore..

6. Anil Publicity, Indore.