Shehnil Khan
November 26, 2018
Naushad Ansari
November 26, 2018

Mujahid Khan: Jr. Graphics Designer Cum Office Assistant
One of the most energetic and dynamic of associates, Mujahid not only handles the work assigned to him with utmost dedication, but also brings off other issues that come at the eleventh hour. He supervises the work done by Naushad and also is one of the disciples to the design Maestro.

Office Stationary work, Design preparing, presentation and other miscellaneous tasks are some of the points in his profile.
Another of Naushad’s disciples, Mujahid is more a part of the office than anyone else. A sheer example of simplicity and dedication, this guy is ready for anything that comes to his daily schedule at the office, but at the same time, is also focused enough to learn while he earns. Responsible for supervising the work of Client and Parties, Mujahid also takes care of any work related to the official and non-official matters. One of the longest of associates of Naushad, he is much like a family for Naushad than a mere employee. Ever since he was studying, it has been the motivation of Mr. Naushad Ansari that has kept him on the track with life.

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